Mill Stone Pottery

At Mill Stone Pottery , Paul de Jongh and Nina Shand make carefully hand-crafted pottery, including functional ware, terracotta planters, translucent porcelain, stoneware and sculptural raku pieces. Visitors are welcome at the workshop and showroom, situated in Bree Street. It is open seven days a week.

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Paul de Jongh and Nina Shand welcome you to their pottery studio in Bree Street, where they live with their daughter Sarah. Visitors to the studio are treated to a visual feast of work ranging from high temperature, wood-fired stoneware and terracotta and more conventional electric-fired functional work, to the more sculptural and decorative raku. They also make birdfeeders for which they have become quite renowned (in McGregor at least!). They like engaging in all the pottery mediums and on each visit you can expect to find new work, new effects and lots of new ideas! They are happy to demonstrate their craft to anyone interested enough to ask, and will do raku firings on request for two or more people.

Paul at the kilnPaul is well known for his very delicate and fine porcelain work, using the traditional cobalt blue and white of the clay as decoration. He undertakes many commissions using the full spectrum of clay and glazes. Nina specialises in hand-built forms, particularly boxes, soapdishes and sushi plates. There is a pot for every visitor's pocket and taste available in their studio whether you're interested in buying pots or just in looking. A visit to McGregor would be incomplete without a visit to the studio.

Paul and Nina have built two wood-fired kilns: one is a 2-chambered, cross-draft anagama kiln with 120 cubic feet packing space, the other is a smaller, experimental Acoffin kiln. This kiln is a long, box-shaped top-loader. In future, they will give wood-firing workshops to people wanting to experience this ancient and time-honoured firing process.

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