A Snowy England - December 2010

Ice Bushes 1 Ice Bushes 2 Ice Bushes 3 Ice Church 1 Ice Church 2 Ice Demon 1 Ice Farm Ice Fence Ice Grass 1 Ice House 1 Ice House 2 Ice House 3 Ice Ivy  on tree Ice Ivy 1 Ice Ivy 2 Ice Ivy 3 Ice Ivy 4 Ice Ivy 5 Ice Ivy 6 Ice Sheds 1 Ice Tree 1 Ice Tree 2 Ice Tree 3 Ice Tree 4 Ice Tree 5 Ice Valley 1 Ice Valley 2 Ice Valley 3 Ice Valley 4 Snow Church 1 Snow Demon 1 Snow House 1 Snow Ivy 1 Snow Ivy 2 Snow Shed 1 Snow Trees 1 Snow Trees 2 Snow Trees 3 Snow Trees 4 Snow Trees 5 Snow Trees 6 Snow Valley 1 Snow Valley 2

Not exactly pictures of McGregor - not even close – but for the Christmas launch to the site’s Photo Gallery we have……. snow and ice, frosted ivy, wintry mists and a cold, cold sun …… images of a traditional European Christmas.

For a few weeks the site is being webmastered from the UK and, given that quite a number of people have asked to see some photos of the snow, where better to show them than on the website.

The cold and icy images are from the start of the December which, with the bright, clear skies was stunning to see and wonderfully dry and fresh.

The snowy pics are from the third week. There was around 25cm of snow around here, and Heathrow Airport had been in chaos for days!