The Arts - Artists and Craft Workers in McGregor

McGregor is a remarkably artistic place

This is most probably due to the quiet and beauty of the environment acting as a creative spur, but just possibly due to the ley lines, energy spirals or even the large number of extra-terrestrials who have chosen to settle here. It is certainly true that, for many years, creative and spiritual people have been drawn to the area.

Art Route McGregor

Once upon a time we nearly became a 'national monument' but there were North American tee-pees, bucket toilets, pigs at our gate (and don’t forget the A-frame where that author lived), so we didn’t quite make it.

Nevertheless, we’re one big art-route.

Art in McGregor Village

The beauty of our natural surroundings is visible from every point and an artistic license infects even the most prosaic of activities. Apart from artists and crafters, bands, dance groups, choirs, there’s heirloom gardening, odd forms of vehicle construction, and self-orchestrated burials.

Theories have been put forward to explain this high level of inventiveness: like ley-lines (those geological veins of high magnetism), aliens, vortexes, or the reincarnation of the Knights Cathar.

But in the neighbouring Valley towns they don’t bother to explain, 'McGregor se mense is sommer weird!' is what they say. We don’t mind this reputation; it could be worse: In Swellendam, according to Aunt Stienie Goliath, when the old people threatened naughty children 'Ons gaan julle McGregor-toe stuur!' they said.

Annelien van der Colff at Villagers

Villagers is more like a creativity emporium than a gallery because Annelien van der Colff's talents spill out in several directions. She epitomises the artist as "maker". With her hands she makes sculptures and paintings, and garments in wool or cloth. With her guitar and mellifluous voice she makes music. And with her buoyant spirit she makes friends and converts wherever she goes.

Annalien had the priviledge to paint the late Busi Mhlongo's prayers on her latest CD Amakohlwe. One of the paintings was also used on the CD cover. It was a total intuitive experience and give her an oppurtunity to do portrets, her forte while studying Fine Arts at Potchefstroom university. For Annalien, music and color go hand in hand. Visit Villagers to see more of her olive landscapes. She paints under the name AMO.

023 625 1787
Edna Fourie Gallery

What drives me is a desire to inspire".

Edna is a professional artist, with works in national and international collections. She lives in a converted barn on her farm, where she paints in the silence and nothingness of an endless ‘empty’ space of Renosterveld and sky.

“I try to live the life I love which includes the whole carbodole from peace to chaos, vulnerability to liberation. I strive to express the resulting personal growth in my paintings with heartfelt simplicity rather than intellectual complexity.

My Oil paintings depict images such as flowers, figures, birds which become carriers of deeper meaning. The theme running through all my work is inner transformation.”

The gallery is the exclusive home of the ethereal paintings of Edna Fourie. It is situated in Voortrekker St., and opens on Sat & Sun from 9 to 5, with other days by appointment.

083 302 5538 | email
Artist Uli Luhdo’s house, Zumm

Artist Uli Luhdo’s house, Zumm, is a testament to his prolific creativity. Mobiles hang from ceilings and trees like elaborately-shaped fruits, mundane household items like cupboard doors suggest a Mad Hatter's Tea-party, and strange animals crouch in corners.

Uli is adept in several mediums but it is wood that has been his favourite for the past few years - rejected, throw-away wood. Each piece - no matter how heavy, how ant-eaten, twisted, burnt - is a challenge to his energy and ingenuity.

023 625 1849 | email

'An exciting new village gallery, serving Western Cape Artists and visitors along Route 62” – Country Life Magazine.

Anne Binos – landscapes and still lifes in oil, watercolour, pastel and acrylic, capturing the special light and beauty of the sky and mountains of McGregor.

Carey May – the creative potential of the individual, showing the inner world of serene calm and centered energy of women and men.

Marianne Saddington – striking compositions of local fields and quaint cottages in acrylic and oil on board.

Victoria Dryden - strong statements with simple line drawing, freedom of thought and emotion with the use of strong colour, Victoria’s prime medium is oil on canvas although she also enjoys the excitement of mixed media.

Mulberry Studio is also able to offer web design and hosting, and has internet available for visitors.

023 625 1380 | 082 362 1444 Fax 086 612 6715 | email
Jo Nowicki at the Lion House Art Studio, McGregor

Contact Jo Nowicki if you wish to take some art classes during your time in the village. There are drawing courses, as well as painting and mixed-media workshops, all held at the Lion House Art Centre.

023 625 1688 | email
Malmani Crafts

Situated in the Fountain Center, next door to the Karoux restaurant, Malmani Crafts have an interesting assortment of crafts and gifts. Enjoy coffee and cake while you browse.

023 625 1143 | 023 625 1958 | email

Paul at the kiln at Millstone Pottery, McGregor

At Mill Stone Pottery , Paul de Jongh and Nina Shand make carefully hand-crafted pottery, including functional ware, terracotta planters, translucent porcelain, stoneware and sculptural raku pieces. Visitors are welcome at the workshop and showroom, situated in Bree Street. It is open seven days a week.

023 625 1599 | email

Roy Reycraft, hand made brass weather vanes, sundials clocks, nameplates, plaques and other items in McGregor

Roy works in Handcrafted Brass, producing weather vanes, sundials clocks, nameplates, plaques and other items.

023 625 1865 | email

Situated at the Temenos Retreat Center, this vibrant gallery brings you local and national artists. Their exhibitions feature carefully selected, though-provoking works of an extraordinary range of talent.

023 625 1871 | email
Manara, restorative power of meditation

Barbara Sowter is renowned as a sculptor of icons of meditation. She insists that the figures which she lovingly crafts in various kinds of clay are not Buddhas, nor even monks, but symbolic reminders of the restorative power of meditation available to all.

023 625 1813 | 076 906 6014 | email

For handpainted designer leisurewear, contact Lorraine Piers.

023 625 1843 | email

'All that glitters is not Gold!' Funky, fun, totally off-the-wall, brass, silver, copper rings and things with precious and semi precious stones.

Contact Karien.

023 625 1396 | 082 604 1505 | email