Mind and Body - Healers and Therapists in McGregor

McGregor is renowned for its holistic healers, attending variously to the mind, body and soul. There are also several active church congregations for those who prefer formal worship.

It's not really clear why so much holistic healing is available in the village. The most likely theory stems from McGregor's important position as as one of the sacred sites of Southern Africa, with converging ley lines resulting in a high level of natural energy. This is confirmed by the numerous Bushmen paintings and other artefacts found in the valley

You can enjoy group workshops and meditations at the Temenos Retreat Centre, or you can contact the practitioners listed below for individual therapies.

Holistic massage with Atholl Hay at Temenos Retreat in McGregor

Atholl offers a traditional therapeutic Swedish massage and incorporates elements from other healing traditions to soothe and balance body, mind and spirit. Treatments are conducted at the tranquil Temenos Retreat.

R600 for 80 minutes

“Your massage is a balance of energies: tender and firm, gentle and strong, sensuous and healing, intimate and respectful, confident and careful. I trust you in my space … the benefit of a full and mature heart.” (SW, March 2012)

"Baie dankie vir die uitstekende masering vandag. Jy is wraggies by die beste by wie ek nog ooit was. 10 uit 10!!!!! (AS, May 2013)

072 288 1112 | email
Helen Altman - Hatha Yoga teacher and Remedial Yoga Therapist

A gentle and powerful healing practice that balances stillness & flow.

Helen offers group classes, private Remedial Yoga (addresses specific health difficulties through simplified adapted postures & breathing practises) and retreats in Mcgregor, Robertson and Cape Town.

With 30 years teaching experience her approach is gentle, thorough and supportive with a focus on the unfolding and integration of each persons mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects.

No previous experience needed - we also work with people suffering from ill health and physical vulnerabilities.

083 7902780 | 023 6251420 | email
Emotional Release Therapy with Barbara Sowter

Most of us are still singing the same old song, devitalised by negative emotions and attitudes we’ve harbored over the years. Ancient memories, recent hurts, feelings of rejection, failure, fear, grief, lack and loss of love… these can prevent us from opening ourselves to joy, happiness and confidence.

EFT is a powerful new method based on the discovery that emotional trauma contributes greatly to disease. EFT can help us heal physical problems such as aches and pains, sore throats and stiff backs, and can help with phobias, weight loss, smoking, stress, anxiety, low self esteem, painful memories and any number of other problems. It’s simple to learn and simple to use.

076 7534296 | email

Pieter offers treatments in Iridology (diagnoses from the iris of the eye) and Energetic Herbalism (maintaining balance and health through foods, herbs and lifestyle). His company, Energetic Herbals, manufactures and supplies herbal remedies.

A typical, first-time consultation with Pieter is one-and-a-half, to two hours in length and is charged at a rate of R350 per hour.

082 311 8273 | email

Temenos is well known and loved as a destination where mind, body and spirit are honoured and nurtured. We offer a wide range of healing body therapies as well as Yoga and Pilates classes. Every morning and evening you are welcome to attend Silent Meditation. Stockists of healing music, fragrant candles, meditation stools, massage oils, esoteric/spiritual literature, gifts, etc. Corner of Voortrekker and Bree St.

023 625 1871 | email

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Unwind with a relaxation massage with essential oils, combined with counseling if required. Ann has many years of counseling experience - allow yourself the freedom to talk, followed by a relaxing massage. Massage R170 for 1 hour or Counseling R100 for 1 hour.

023 625 1111

Tarot Readings - powerful and accurate readings using a variety of cards and layouts.

Contact Jill Hogan.

023 625 1533

Lizelle offers Jin Shin Jyutsu which is a deeply relaxing, gentle & holistic treatment which works with the body's energy to release blockages, stress & tension and restore harmony to the flow of energy so that the body can heal itself. It can help with specific physical, mental or emotional conditions or if you are just feeling run-down or out-of-sorts

082 872 0400 | email