The McGregor Heritage Society

The McGregor Heritage Society, established in 1995 and registered with Heritage Western Cape, aims to promote conservation awareness, develop the Krans Nature Reserve, build up McGregor's museum and ensure that McGregor maintains its charm and historical significance in both architectural and social terms.

McGregor is recognized to be unique among Western Cape towns, because of its excellent state of preservation, its setting and its distinctive environmental character.

This rich legacy of the cultural landscape was recognized by Japha and Todeschini in their Conservation Study (1996) when they concluded that its Georgian and Victorian architecture is of great heritage significance.

More recently, the Cultural Heritage Study of the Breede River Winelands Municipality, undertaken by the Strategic Environmental Forum stated that: "To this day, McGregor remains the best example of a Cape vernacular village, housing a wide variety of vernacular building types. Sixty-five historical homesteads and other structures have been identified in this survey". Similarly, Hans Fransen and Mary Cook, in their book on Old Buildings of the Cape, described the town as "the best preserved and most complete example of mid-nineteenth century townscape in the Western Cape Province".

Heritage Society Logo

Aims and Mission Statement

The official name of the Society is the McGregor Heritage Society/Erfenis Vereniging. The Society is an official conservation body that has been registered with the Provincial Heritage Resources authority of the Western Cape. Its registration number is HWC/RCB/09/05.

Its chief aims are:

  • To promote conservation awareness
  • To continue the development of the Nature Reserve
  • To promote the conservation of the built environment of McGregor, guided by such reports as may be commissioned by the Society from time to time
  • To support cultural heritage

The Society is concerned both with promoting the harmonious development of McGregor and its surroundings and with preserving and conserving those elements that contribute to its attractive and memorable character.

There is also a small, but active Museum Group which meets regularly, which falls under the auspices of the Heritage Society.

The Society’s overall objective is to ensure that McGregor maintains its charm, dignity, tranquillity and historical significance, both in architectural and social terms.


The committee meets monthly, and the AGM is held annually.

Fund-raising events are held irregularly, as are outings and social evenings where a talk is given by a local or visiting expert.

The Society undertakes the clearing of paths in the Krans Nature Reserve when necessary, along with the removal of alien plants and vegetation.

Booklets: Members of the Society have produced informative booklets on the village, including one with guidelines to home builders and renovators and a guide to walks around the village. These are available at the Tourism Office.