If you are in McGregor as a visitor and want to check your email during a stay,Breedenet wireless internet service provider there are several hotspots you can choose from:

On the other hand, if your stay has become more permanent you will most likely want your own connection at home and may well need IT work doing: we can help. For the connection, there are currently 4 options you can consider.

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  1. ADSL. Many people in the village do use ADSL but there are tales that Telkom are phasing it out as they are no longer providing fixed lines due to cable theft. Some people have had their connection and landline phased out from under them and provided with a unit to connect to the Vodacom tower. Reports on the connection are not favourable.
  2. 4G. This is now available in the village since a Vodacom tower was recently built. However, it does not seem to have the required bandwidth and struggles at times. It is also an expensive option.
  3. Satellite. This is, of course, an option but suffers from poor latency and very high price. 
  4. Wireless. This has been provided by the Breedenet wireless internet service provider, now a part of Herotel, for some 17 years. Many people think it is the best option. You are connected by a permanent wireless unit to their local tower and via a few wireless hops to their headquarters in Worcester. From there, your connection goes over their own fibres to Cape Town, Jo'Burg and beyond. We are their local Agent and, being based in McGregor, can respond to any problems very quickly. The best option! But don't take our word for it - ask around.

So those are your choices. Please contact us if you would like to discuss or need any PC repairs, network installation, WiFi routers and the like. We are based at the McGregor Village Inn and you are welcome to pop in for a chat.