Rhebokskraal Olive Estate

Rhebokskraal Olive Estate, a working olive farm near McGregor and a breakaway when you need solitude.

Sometimes the simple things in life bring more joy than the most expensive gift you can give your family. That gift is yourself, your time and your attention. At Rhebokskraal we offer affordable farm accommodation, in a child friendly environment where you can experience nature, art, food and music in a unique way. A breakaway when you need solitude

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Fresh olives and grapes at the Rhebokskraal Olive Estate, a working olive farm situated 2 km outside the picturesque village of McGregorWelcome to the Rhebokskraal Olive Estate, offering accommodation to tourists and other visitors to McGregor
Farm workers examine grapes on the vine in a vineyard at Rhebokskraal Olive Estate

Rhebokskraal Olive Estate is a working olive farm situated 2 km outside the picturesque village of McGregor where the Van der Colff family farm since 1990. McGregor is not a place, but a state of mind and the best preserved 19th century village in South Africa with white washed reed roof cottages, Victorian and Georgian houses and then, Rhebokskraal’s main house, one of the last examples of the marriage between Cape Dutch and Victorian architecture. The farm specializes in table olives with cultivars like missions and manzinellas and old fashioned hanepoot grapes and is the house of wooded Merlot and Cabernet Red Grape juice.

Olives on a tree at the Olive Farm Grape vines at the Rhebokskraal Olive Farm

On Rhebokskraal we farm with integrity and as far as possible organic. The 6 horses on the farm is a great benefit as natural fertilizers. We make the most of whatever we have and do it with enthusiasm.

Horses graze in a paddock near McGregor village

Our 2500 olive trees are handpicked from April to June and we only harvest the olives when totally black. Come and join us and pick your own 2 buckets, one to dry and one to cure calamata style.

We used 2curing methods on the farm: Calamata style where the olives are cured in salt water for 8 months to a year and olives that is dehydrated in salt and dried as far as possible in the sun.

In our Boutique factory we play with the olives, add herbs, smoke them and marinated the dried ones in Honey and balsamic and chilli and garlic. Our olive salts with garlic and herbs and chilli is must in many gourmet kitchens and our olive fruit chutneys, a ‘cannot go without’ in any kitchen.

Merlot and Cabernet Wooded red grape juices for sale to visitors at the Villagers Farm Stall, McGregor

February and March are the months when we focus on our Merlot and Cabernet Wooded red grape juices as well as the hanepoot. Our juices are pure fruit on tap, nothing added, nothing lost, 2 year shelve live and no preservatives. Now all people, even children can have the goodness of red grapes without the alcohol, no artificial colorant only the red in the skin.

A happy young girl enjoys an olive from the products on sale at the Villagers Farm Stall, McGregor

Daily olive tours 6 days a week on appointment only, give visitors the chance to join one of the family in the olive groves, learn more about the history of olives in the world and South Africa, cultivars, processing, olive tasting and a 3 course meal under the oak tree where you are entertained by music, composed and inspired on Rhebokskraal. The freshly baked olive bread, tapenade, brisket, ox tail, chicken and pork fillets in olive chutney is a culinary experience.

No fancy gourmet dishes, just hearty farm cooking, even non- olive eaters will have more than enough on their plates. Our roast veggies sprinkled with olive oil and our olive and herb salt is a vegetarian delicatessen.

Creams and other grape and olive products on display at the Villagers Farm Stall, McGregor

Those of you who always want to join Master Chef, here is your chance, book a cooking tour with Annalien and create your own olive delicacies with our whole range of olive products. All our meals are accompanied by our Merlot and Cabernet wooded juices and the meal are wrapped up with ice-cream in a olive chocolate sauce……a recipe book is available with all this lovely dishes.

Our own horse whisperer Ilana will take you to meet our horses, no fancy race horses, just beautiful animals to touch, feed brush or ride when you are ready. Always keep carrots or apples in your pocket; they will come to meet you at the fence.

Anneline van der Colff plays guitar for the entertainment of guests at the Rhebokskraal Olive Estate, McGregor

To de-stress, book a Pilates session for postural correction and muscle control with Corrie and discover yourself and your body anew. Our well- equipped Pilates studio is next to Villager’s Farm Stall in the village and ready to assist in restoring the special connection between body, mind and spirit.

Take a 4x4 drive up the mountain with Corrie snr to the Skuilkrans Nature reserve and experience the absolute silence and beauty of unspoilt fynbos and majestic mountains. The van der Colff family can braai and to eat in the mountain is so special, Annalien will entertain you on guitar and songs while the fire gets ready. Want to invest in the mountain or McGregor, Corrie is the man to talk to, town and regional planner and estate agent in McGregor since 1992.

A lovely country cottage for tourists at the Rhebokskraal Olive Estate, McGregorAn olive tree standing in front of a cottage to let to visitors at the Rhebokskraal Olive Farm, McGregorThree interior views of the country cottages, available for tourists at the Rhebokskraal Olive Estate, McGregor

Rhebokskraal also offer hearty farm accommodation in the Historical Dove Cottage, overlooking the farm dam, with its old fashioned copper bed, ‘pootjies’ bath and Heidi loft where 3 children can live out their imagination. Accommodates 5 people.

The Volkshuisie under the big old blue gum tree is 2 units under one roof, each with its own indoor fire-place, kitchenette and bathroom with shower. Accommodate 5 people.

Our cottages are child friendly and you are guaranteed to spend time with your loved ones, no DSTV, TV or radios and all the stars in heaven to look at. A time to find out who you really are and how precious your family and friends are.

Rhebokskraal is a family destination for nature, food and animal lovers. We are making the most of whatever we have and do it with passion and enthusiasm. Our aim is to give people the time to rediscover there real selves and experience family values.

For the loners, we are here for you too. Hands full of silence and lots of time to meditate and recuperate or rediscover the artist within while using different media like stone sculpture, painting and sketching working with Fine artist Annalien. A whole family art session can be revealing





Rates on request.

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Rhebokskraal Olyf Kombuis and Farm Stall

Anneline van der Colff discusses a painting with a tourist at the Rhebokskraal Olive FarmA selection of art works at the Rhebokskraal Olive Farm
Horses grazing in a paddock at the Rhebokskraal Olive FarmA young girl pets a horse at the Rhebokskraal Olive Farm